Hjørring Welcomes You

23. Jul 2018

Hjørring Welcomes You

In keeping with tradition Hjørring municipality officially welcomed the players to Dana Cup, as two teams together with mayor, Arne Boelt, and the unofficial master of ceremonies, “Krumme” (English: Crumb), lit the flame at City Stage and, subsequently, they were welcomed at the town hall.

The two teams, representing 20.000 participants, were FC Deren from Mongolia and Club Reforma from Mexico. FC Deren participates in B14, while Club Reforma takes part in class G17.

Mayor Arne Boelt hosted, gave gifts and talked about the history of Hjørring.
On behalf of the tournament the director of Dana Cup, Jette Andersen, welcomed the players to a week of football and, moreover, she encouraged the players to drink plenty of water now that a Danish heat wave is expected in the coming days.

“And you’re actually from Ulan Bator, a place with temperatures around minus 40 degrees Celsius in winter, which is the world’s coldest capital city,’ said a smiling Jette Andersen to the boys from Mongolia.

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