High Hopes For ASAL FC at Dana Cup

23. Jul 2018
coach Hanshansell

High Hopes For ASAL FC at Dana Cup

On this sunny and windy morning ASAL FC, from Kansas, USA, are doing their final preparations with a training session at the Dana Cups center area.

They have high hopes at this years Dana Cup, having previously competed at Dana Cup, with this being their third time here. Having taken the competition ’by storm’ in their first year, coming close to winning Dana Cup only having been beaten by a Nigerian team in the final 2-1, coach Hans Hansell now believes that people ’know who we are now’ and so hopes that they will do well.

The coach made it clear to his players that he wanted them to make sure they refined ’getting their touch down’ with a key emphasis on ’getting their timings down’ and ’trying to get team chemistry going’ so they can ’come out running tomorrow’.

The team is made up from players from five different countries, with most players playing together for the first time together at Dana Cup, which is why having a strong team spirit is very important.

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