PES: Legends and Idols

23. Jul 2018

PES: Legends and Idols

The Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) tent in the Center Area is a place where players can partake in playing against each other in games of 1v1 all the way up to 2v2 playing the new PES 2019.

Players from many different teams of many nationalities can be seen playing the game sitting on bean bags in groups, with feedback from the players being very positive. A group of Norwegian boys when asked what they enjoyed the most about the game went on to say they thought the ’realistic graphics of PES’ were really cool. A Brazilian player said that the most enjoyable part was ’playing as Coutinho’ and ’the legends option is very exciting’.

Not only can you play games in the tent, you can also play against pro players such as Alex Alguacil, the current ’PES 2018 World Tour Co-op Winner’. You can also win prizes like a signed David Beckham shirt.

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