Fair Play above all

24. Jul 2018
Mongoliet2 2018

Fair Play above all

’We have ambitions and want to win football matches but, for us, Fair Play comes first. Munkhbat Orkhon smiles and, without knowing, touches one of the pillars of Dana Cup. As a matter of fact respect and Fair Play are some of the pillars of the tournament. Munkhbat Orkhon is manager of the young club FC Deren, which plays in the Mongolian premier league. The club, which is situated in the capital city, Ulan Bator, was founded in 2008 and debuted in the best league in 2015.

’In Mongolia we are quite a big club with around 300 players aged 6 years or older. FC Deren participates in Dana Cup for the first time and was one of the teams welcomed at the town hall by mayor Arne Boelt.’

‘We take part in class B14 and it is the first time the boys are in Europe. We have taken part in several tournaments in China, but this time we have travelled 8000 km to play football in Sweden and Denmark,’ explains Munkhbat Orkhon, who flew to Beijing, China, and from there to the capital of Sweden, Stockholm, before the Mongolian team arrived in Denmark and in Hjørring.

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