Hard Pitches Cause Injuries

24. Jul 2018

Hard Pitches Cause Injuries

The first matches of this year's Dana Cup started at 7.30 this morning. Already two hours later, the staff in the MASH tent had treated the first five injuries caused by the hard pitches.

’We are going to see a lot of scratches, and here it is important that the players or their coaches make sure that the wounds are thoroughly clean for soil,’ the staff at the MASH tent said.

‘In addition, we will also see that many people hit you harder on the dry surface.

The MASH tent is staffed with qualified doctors, medical students, nurses and nursing students who can carry out the first investigations and, thus, ease the pressure on the hospital, Nordjylland, Hjørring.

In case of suspected fracture or other more serious injuries, the patients will be sent to the hospital immediately.

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