JR Opened the Door for VAKE

25. Jul 2018
Mamuka25 2018

JR Opened the Door for VAKE

John Robert Larsen – JR among friends – got the idea to create the first Dana Cup in 1982. And his ideas and visions are still the foundation of the tournament. For instance, every year Dana Cup helps clubs that find it is hard to raise the funds to participate in Dana Cup in Hjørring.

John Robert died not long after Dana Cup 2017.
‘It was JR, who immediately invited us to Dana Cup 25 years ago. He has been a close friend of ours all the years and, so, it is natural for us to both honour and respect him and, at the same time, mark that this year both VAKE and I participate in Dana Cup for the 25th time,’ explains Mamuka Kvartskhelia, who travels as head of the delegation of the Georgian team VAKE in class B16.

Mamuka Kvartskhelia has been a significant leader and good friend of Dana Cup. Simultaneously, he has worked as a freelance journalist and told about the tournament to the Georgian media.

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