25. Jul 2018


Dana Cup is a competition like no other. There are constant injuries and this can cause many issues for teams that compete. Such was the predicament that Internacional FC from New York were in, they only had 12 players. Having already competed at Gothia Cup they were in desperate need of extra players.
Yesterday at midday Mario Silva, the club’s manager, came into the Dana Cup information area desperately seeking for players to strengthen his squad. I overheard his conversation with some of the officials, and I myself, Ted Tavendale, was eligible to compete for their B16 side. After a brief conversation, a few emails and a registration - not to forget buying some football boots – I was on the team.

The boy’s team is made up of players of many different nationalities, who live in or around the area of New York and most of them play for academies. However, despite also having traveled a long distance to compete at Gothia Cup and Dana Cup, they actually have never played together as a team until Gothia Cup. This could be considered very impressive due to managing to reach the quarter-finals and with only 14 players.

Yesterday we played our first match against Fyllingsdalen FK, a tough Norwegian side from Bergen. Unfortunately, we lost due to a free kick in the last 5 minutes that went in. Although the result was not in our favour, the boys are still keeping their heads high, hopeful that they can play better in their next game.
To be continued…

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