Eritrea at Dana Cup by Detour

25. Jul 2018

Eritrea at Dana Cup by Detour

Years ago teams from Eritrea were regular participants at the Dana Cup, where they several times performed well with noteworthy results but due to the political development in the country, the country’s football association is on standby. However, Eritrea will continue to be part of the Dana Cup, and the Dana Cup will still like teams from the small African country to participate.

How do we solve that challenge?
‘Eritrea has asked us to take on the task. Eritreanska is a football club in Gothenburg in Sweden for players with Eritrean roots. We participate in class B16, and all our players are born and raised in Sweden, but we represent our country and we, the managers, were born in Eritrea but came to Sweden many years ago with our parents,’ explains Tewolde Tsegay, who is responsible for the Eritrean team during Dana Cup.

Eritreanska has until recently been a youth club only, but last year the club debuted in the lowest Swedish league with a senior team. The players with the African roots won their league in the 7th division and have thus moved up a level.

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