At Dana Cup with the Help of a Star

25. Jul 2018

At Dana Cup with the Help of a Star

For most Danish football fans, Daniel Agger is one of the greatest defenders of all time. For Daniel Agger, Rosenhøj Boldklub was the springboard that led him first to Brøndby IF and the Danish national team and from there to Liverpool FC, where he played 232 matches from 2008 to 2014 – a number that might have been higher if he had not had any injuries.

‘Rosenhøj Boldklub is still close to Daniel Aggers’ heart and his kids play at our club. That’s why, through his Agger Foundation, Daniel wanted to help us participate in the Dana Cup,’ explains Preben Hansen, who has been an active part of Rosenhøj Boldklub for almost 50 years. Preben Hansen mentions several other Danish football legends, who have their roots in the club in Hvidovre, where everybody is welcome.

‘The purpose of the Agger Foundation is to help children who have in some way been in trouble. As such, the children in B14 and G16 are not problematic children, but we live in a densely populated area and, through the years, we have helped when parents have been in difficulties,’ Preben Hansen says.

‘I think that Daniel both wanted to appreciate the social work that Rosenhøj Boldklub has indeed taken on and, at the same time, say thanks for his time at the club as a child,’ Preben Hansen adds. 

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