Fun in the Sun for the Parents

26. Jul 2018

Fun in the sun for the parents

Sun and fun is what you can expect most of the time here at Dana Cup, this means that for the parents they have a great experience.

When Anita Maaland, a parent of one of the FK Vidar G15/16 players, was asked why she was at Dana Cup she said ‘I’m here to support my oldest daughter who is 15 years old’.

Anita also was asked what kind of accommodation she was staying in, to which she responded ‘Me and some of my friends are staying in a cabin in Lonstrup, It’s our 3rd year here and so we are always staying in the same area because it’s a nice area with lots of restaurants’

Finally, Anita was asked if she was enjoying the tournament so far, she said ‘Yes, everything is so good, especially with the weather, but this is also the highlight of the year for these girls, so it’s so perfect’

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