Tough group for Internacional, onto the B finals

26. Jul 2018

Tough group for Internacional, onto the B finals

Internacional have had a difficult start to this year’s Dana Cup. Losing their first game 2-1 and their second 2-0 to two experienced Norwegian sides. However, as the players, Liam and Attila, of the team emphasize there is always ‘100% Respect’ for the other team and for each other.

Yesterday, at 3:30 in the afternoon, the team played against Hisøy IL from Arendal in Norway. To gain a more favorable position going into the B finals we had to win the game. And with an excellent display of skill and determination the team managed to win convincingly 7-0, with a star performance from Sam who scored most of the 7 goals.

In the next round the boys and I will play the winner of Re FK vs. Nord SK at 7:25 this evening on pitch 42. Hopefully, we have luck on our side.

To be continued…

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