Football in the Caribbean on the Right Track

26. Jul 2018

Football in the Caribbean on the Right Track

In 2011, Kim Collins ran 100 meters in 10.09 seconds. This made him the third fastest man in the world, and the performance is a good picture of where the sporting focus is in the Caribbean and, thus, also in the little independent island state Saint Kitts & Nevis – which, in reality, is composed of two islands, that is, Saint Kitts and Nevis.

‘Athletics is very popular in Saint Kitts & Nevis and the Caribbean islands, but football is clearly a growing sport.’

Last year teams from the nearby island of St. Croix participated. This year St. Croix is also a part of the Dana Cup and, as a result, the area is well represented at the big football tournament. From 1871-1956 Saint Kitts & Nevis was part of the Leeward Islands Federation, from 1958-1962 the West Indies Federation.

In 1967, Saint Kitts & Nevis Saint was granted autonomy with Anguilla, but disagreements led in 1971 to Anguilla again coming under direct British control. However, Saint Kitts & Nevis with just 40,000 inhabitants achieved full independence from Britain in 1983.

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