G13 Final 2018

27. Jul 2018

Minsk FC (BLR) – AaB (DEN) 0-4 (0-4)

AaB from Denmark did not need many minutes to take control of the game. Having played only four and a half minutes, they went ahead 1-0 after three dangerous attacks in a row.

Minsk FC was unable to repeat the club’s victory in G12 in the first final on Friday. The Danish players from Aab were constantly dangerous in attack and the strikers were cynical. Consequently, three of the goals were scored after Belarusian mistakes.

On the other hand, the Danish defenders were very careful and they, more or less, gave away no chances except once.

The second half was about as exciting as a Czech short film Saturday evening at primetime.
Minsk FC had a few sporadic attempts but nothing that endangered the Danish victory.

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