Nymark IL Awarded the Fair Play Trophy

27. Jul 2018

Nymark IL Awarded the Fair Play Trophy

This year Dana Cup’s jury chose Nymark IL as recipients of the Fair Play trophy among the girls with the following reasoning:
Nymark IL, which has participated several times with many teams, is at Dana Cup this year with 10 teams in different classes. With its many teams, the club has been thorough with administration before the start of the tournament.

On the first day of the tournament one of the club’s teams showed real Fair Play. The team agreed to postpone the start of the match as the opponent were unable to make it on time.
Moreover, the club has shown exceptional behaviour at their accommodation. Together with staff, the club has made sure that the stay at the Dana Cup has been very enjoyable.

In connection with dining and transportation, only positive information is available.
During the completion of all the matches, the club’s teams have also displayed a very remarkable behaviour.

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