G16 Final 2018

28. Jul 2018

Skedsmo FK (NOR) – AaB (DEN) 0-2 (0-1)

AaB quickly dominated the final in Class G16. The Danes did not give the Norwegian girls much room and, thus, it was in accordance with distribution of the game that the girls from North Jutland went ahead in the first half.

With a solid defence as foundation, Aab was in control of the match, and Skedsmo FK never got close to winning.
In the second half, the game was based on coincidences. Plenty of mistakes and wrong decisions gave a messy impression, but Aab deservedly scored in the referee’s overtime.

Aab created most chances and, consequently, they were closer to 3-0 than Skedsmo was 1-1. It was just one of those days when Skedsmo played a team that was better.

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