B17 Final 2018

28. Jul 2018

Gneist IL (NOR) – Vidar FK (NOR) 3-2 (2-1)

Gneist and Vidar deserve five balls in Saturday’s best final. It was a fast paced, tactical game, in which both teams did well. The spectators saw a highly entertaining match full of spectacular goals.

For instance, Vidar made the mistake of giving away a free kick against Gneist’s number 11 because he buried the ball in the corner of the net. However, Vidar was also effective in front of goal. Thus, the team from Stavanger took advantage of a mistake in Gneist’s defence, thereby, equalising. Or when Gneist went in front on a beautiful goal, which actually looked like a cross. Or when Gneist made it 3-1 10 minutes before the end of the game taking advantage of a mistake in Vidar’s defence.

It takes two teams to create a good football match. Both Gneist and Vidar can be proud of their performance, but only one team can win gold. Even though Vidar tried hard in the second half, Gneist was a bit more effective, which meant that the team from around Bergen could raise the trophy as winners of Class B17.

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