B19 final 2018

28. Jul 2018

Lizzy FC (GHA) – Lusaka Youth SA (ZAM) 0-1 (0-0)

Lizzy FC was unable to get past Lusaka’s solid defence. On the other hand, the team from Zambia was able to get past Ghana’s defence in a fast paced final.
Both teams started at a quick pace; however, they often lost the ball too easily.

Lusaka Youth SA quickly found the correct pace enabling the players in orange jerseys to control the game.

The first 25 minutes ended goalless and, subsequently, the spectators had to wait another 10 minutes before Lusaka scored on a beautiful header. Moments before, Lusaka had a huge chance to make it 0-1, and, accordingly, they created several chances but no goals.
In the other end of the pitch, Lizzy FC could not turn energy into goal chances, so Lusaka deservedly raised the trophy in class B19.

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