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24. Oct 2018
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We are going to #DanaCup2019


The Football Club COOL is 11 years old, founded on September 28, 2007. Works with young categories of children. Started with a small number of members, but with the trainings, the persistence of coaches and children, the number of members has steadily increased. It currently has about 300 members and employs 10 coaches, 1 medical person and 2 technical staff. It has two covered sports fields with artificial turf and two open terrains with natural grass that they use for training young footballers during the day and in the evening. The way of work is according to age, and trainings are every day depending on the generations. Continuing competitions with other football clubs are organized within the training. Summer time we organize summer camps in Nei Pori and Paralia, Greece and Ohrid- Macedonia for the children from our club where they have regular trainings, competitions, training and socializing with the children from other football schools. The trainings are held by licensed trainers, and during the matches, the league and the camps children are medically cared for.

The children's league COOL is underway, which has been successfully implemented for seven years in which football schools from Skopje are participating. Children compete, socialize, exchange experiences, as well as coaches, which is greatly beneficial for the teams. Interesting competitions are provided for viewers, and for those who are not able to attend the competition, and still want to be in the process, they are allowed to watch some of the games in the videos that are published on the fan clubs of the FC Cool, as well as interesting moments captured by photographing.

FC Cool for its eleven year existence step by step, scale on the scale, slowly but surely moved forward and gained high reputation at home and abroad. FC Cool took part in all categories of children's league organized by Football federation of Macedonian, International tournaments in Croatia- Zagreb, Serbia - Belgrade, Vojvodina and Kraljevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina - Bijeljina, Bulgaria - Sofia and Blagoevgrad, Denmark - Hjorring, Turkey- Istanbul, France - Dijon and Evian, Macedonia - Struga, Stip, Skopje, Ohrid, Kumanovo and many more current tournaments where he achieves solid successes and gained great experience that he applied in the organization of his tournament and successfully presented the club and the state. In the organization of the Football Club Cool is also the international tournament KUL KUP, which this year is the fourth in a row. The tournament turns into a tradition where teams make friends, exchange experiences and measure their football abilities. With this tournament we want to encourage the socializing of young athletes among the Balkan countries and to contribute to the development of sports in the youth categories.

This year we participated for the first time on Dana Cup, and we were beautifully welcomed, we gained new experiences, friendships and achieved good results for the first participation.

Our expectations are to gain new management experience, coaches and children. Any participation in a tournament for our club is a ladder plus for our club, deliberately on a large and well organized tournament like yours.

The participation of Dana Cup is first to be friends, and of course if they win and some higher place would be great for our club.

We support Global Goal 4 – Quality Education - Read more about the Global Goals here

Facebook: @fudbalskaskolacoolzdravje

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