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30. Nov 2018
klasser2 30.11.2018
Photo: Emil Jensen - ligafoto.dk

Dana Cup Hjørring 2019 offers 4 new classes 

For many years, it has been possible to play 7:7 in the youngest classes B12, B11 and G12. Now you can also have the opportunity to play 7:7 in other classes - B14 and B16 together with G14 and G16. So now, more young football players can come to the Dana Cup Hjørring and participate in our huge event next summer. It will take place from the 22nd to the 27th of July, the week 30 as we call it here in Denmark.

- There is an increasing demand to take part in the Dana Cup Hjørring but at this same time, there can be challenges to gather an 11:11 team, but the interest to participate in the tournament is strong. As we open up for more 7:7 teams, there is a higher procentage of teams that can experience football in the summertime in Denmark - says Dana Cup Director - Jette Andersen.

- Over the last few years, we have seen that some young players have been disappointed when they could not come to the Dana Cup Hjørring. It is mostly from Norway that we have reports of young players who are ready to come to the Dana Cup Hjørring but they are in need of a couple of extra players. It can also be that a club has too many players for just 1 team but not quiet enough for 2 teams in 11:11. Now they can participate with a team in each class 7:7 and 11:11. Everyone can take the trip, everyone gets to play games and everyone can experience a fantatic summer tournament here in Denmark.

- With 4 new and 3 "previous" 7:7 classes, we are giving plenty of opportunities for teams to join us. I also believe that it can of great interest for Danish teams, along with other foreign teams, to unite and play in an international tournament.

Dana Cup Hjørring always tries to listen and fulfill the wishes of our young footballers and leaders. The expansion of the 7:7 classes, is just one of the new actions taken to give as many young footballers the opportunity to play football on the playing fields in Hjørring at the Dana Cup Hjørring.

klasser 30.11.2018

Photo: Jess M Madsen - fodboldfoto


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