220 Referees getting ready for 2100 Matches

24. Jul 2022

220 Referees getting ready for 2100 Matches

While the Dana Cup has become known over the years as the world’s most international tournament for youth teams, the huge event in Hjørring can also boast of welcoming referees from large parts of the world to the Dana Cup 2022.

‘A total of 220 referees from 15 countries will participate in this year’s Dana Cup’, explains Thomas Jensen from the tournament’s panel of referees.

Many of the referees have been involved for many years and for them the Dana Cup is a regular part of their summer. Unfortunately, a number of Chinese referees had to cancel because there were problems with the airplanes. Nevertheless, that kind of problem did not stop a Dutch referee from attending. He travelled by bus from the Netherlands to Hamburg, Germany, and from there by train to Hjørring; a trip of 25 hours.

‘The referees form a strong network supporting the tournament and, moreover, they act as ambassadors for the tournament in their respective home countries’, Thomas Jensen says.

Many of the referees stay in the tennis hall immediately next to Dana Cup’s centre area in Park Vendia or in the camp area by Hyttebyen.

‘Sunday evening we meet for a small Get-Together-Party, where we welcome each other to this year’s tournament. On Monday we have an introductory meeting, where we refresh the rules and expectations, and then already on Tuesday the tournament starts with the first matches’, Thomas Jensen adds.


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