Latvia - Limbazi and Salacgriva Sports School

19. Dec 2018
LAS1 19.12

We are going to #DanaCup2019


We are representing Limbazi and Salacgriva sports school. We come from a small town on the North of Latvia.

This will be the second time we will participate in Dana Cup. The first time was on year 1994 when we participated with the club name AUDA.

 We are a small team, so our main goal is to participate in one of the largest tournaments in Eurpoe and to get a new experience.

 We would like to play for the goal 4 – Quality education. - Read more about the Global Goals here

Website: Limbazi and Salacgriva Sports School

LAS2 19.12

LAS3 19.12

LAS4 19.12 

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