A better digital experience

02. Jan 2019
digital 02.01.2019

A better digital experience

All participants at the Dana Cup Hjørring 2019 – players, coaches, leaders and supporters - will now enjoy an even better digital experience. This is the result of a new partnership between the Dana Cup Hjørring and the Swedish company Cup Manager, who in 2019 will not only provide the program for our tournament schedule, they will also make sure our results, playing times, field placement and much more is available via our digital media.  

- The time has come to modernize and secure the running Dana Cup Hjørring. One of our visions is - Quality within all areas of the tournament shall be of the highest level. Until now we have worked with programs that we have developed ourselves and which could cover a long list of very special needs. Now, with Cup Manager, we have found a product that lives up to our demands and will give everybody around and within the Dana Cup Hjørring an extra experience - says Dana Cup Hjørring Director, Jette Andersen.

- Cup Manager has the reputation of being the Worlds best tournament platform. It is a platform that has been thoroughly tested and is constantly evolving and developing. With around 300 tournaments around the World, there is no doubting the quality of Cup Manager and we feel very confident in taking the leap to use this platform. 

Within the Dana Cup Hjørring there are huge expectations for the tournament in 2019. We now have software that will handle the actual tournament via the internet and via our App. The tournament processes are connected so you will experience everything as one exciting and energetic unit.

- Digital improvements are a necessity in this day and age. Cup Manager’s many features that will run throughout the tournament week, are just as important as the experience given on the playing field. 

Through the new program, the presentation of the Dana Cup Hjørring tournament will be top class. The tournament schedule, the presentation of teams, the group results, live-streaming, social media and interactions will be shown via the internet and our App.

Internally we are excited to start using the new system but most of all we are happy and excited to be able to present our tournament at an even higher level for all of you, our loyal participants who participate year after year.

Welcome to the Dana Cup Hjørring 2019 – with the brand new tournament platform.

digital2 02.01.2019

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