Germany - Hürth-Stotzheim BC

24. Jan 2019
Hurth 1

We are going to #DanaCup2019


We are a little family club from Hürth, near Köln. Our players and coaches on our B16 team have worked together for 8 years now and they are a rea “Team”. After our first participation in the Dana Cup Hjørring in 2016, we knew very well that we would return again.

Our players born in 2003 have participated in the Dana Cup Hjørring 3 times now. In 2018 we were close to victory, so the boys have now decided that in 2019 we will bring the trophy home.

We are preparing as good as we can, so we can tackle the football challenges that come when participating in an international tournament, so we have a chance to win over different opponents. Apart from the football at the Dana Cup Hjørring each year, the event itself, is an unforgettable week for our players and coaches. At the Dana Cup Hjørring 2018, we enjoyed the company of a Spanish guest player Miguel, this was fantastic for us. It was amazing to see how quickly he became a part of our team. Such stories are only experienced at the Dana Cup Hjørring and we look forward to participating for our 4th time in 2019.

We support Global Goal 16 – "Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions". Through our social interaction at the tournament, we wish to contribute to peacefulness and respect to others at the tournament. - Read more about the Global Goals here

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