Denmark - GVL Løkken-TSI Stenum

14. Feb 2019
GVL Lokken 14.02

We are going to #DanaCup2019


We played in the Dana Cup Hjørring last year with an under 12 girls team called GVL Løkken/TSI Stenum, this team was a brand new partnership. The girls used to play against each other but could not form two strong teams, so they decided to merge together into a partnership. The once rivals on the playing field are now friends and have a fantastic team spirit. The partnership has given us the possibility to have some amazing football experiences together and the Dana Cup Hjørring is one of them.

Last year we played with a U12 girls team and a U11 boys team. GVL Løkken have participated over numerous year and Dana Cup Hjørring has always been a part of our local community. Løkken School is used to accommodate teams during the tournament and there are many individuals from our club who are volunteers during the Dana Cup Hjørring tournament.

We are looking forward to feeling that amazing atmosphere during the Dana Cup Hjørring. All from the check-in to the final games. Happy and always smiling volunteers, happy footballers and fantastic football matches held within unparalleled settings.

Good health and well-being is a natural choice when you think of the Dana Cup Hjørring, with all the motion and smiles during the event. For me, girls football is a huge catalyst for "Gender Equality" which we support. It is the struggles for the girls football out in the clubs, which is a constant source of wanting to make a difference.

Girls football is undergoing a huge change throughout the world and as this happens there are many issues affecting gender discrimination. These are confronted by something so playful as a round ball. The football and the culture around football becomes the lever for positive development of equality between sexes, as it should be - Read more about the Global Goals here

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