Norway - Viking FK

28. Feb 2019

We are going to #DanaCup2019

The club Viking FK is from the city of Stavanger which is the 4th largest in Norway and mostly known as the Oil and Gas Capital of Norway. In the greater Stavanger area there is approximate 300.000 people.

For many years Viking FK have had boys/girls teams occasionally participating in the DANA CUP but during the last 4 years this tournament have become a yearly event which brings the whole VIKING family together on a journey to Denmark. Especially so for the girls and girls development teams it has been a very exiting part to match other teams from different countries in a great environment. As we have had teams winning the Dana Cup (also in 2018 with the Girls 14 and silver in G15) it brings out good memories for us all.

The girls have discussed the different GOALS and we created a poll on our internal facebook page in order to decide on which is to be our preferred one. The winner was Gender Equality which we believe is a great one to wear. We cheer for everyone that works towards giving girls/women the same rights and possibilities to develop themselves and their team in soccer. As we are seeing more support in womens soccer all around the world (even with the Norwegian Ada Hegerberg winning the Ballon D’or) we feel It is important that the it is also felt locally in the clubs and cities where we play. Of course gender equality means much more and we support what is equal opportunities no matter what the actual opportunity one pursues might be. We support the Global Goal 5 – "Gender Equality" - Read more about the Global Goals here

We are now very much looking forward to DANA CUP 2019 and in the photo we have players that will participate in G16 (maybe a few in G14/17).

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