1st class buses ready for the Dana Cup 2019

25. Mar 2019
Photo: Carrier Jørn Pedersen (right) together with Michael Nielsen, Director of the Danish Carrier Organization, demonstrated effective brakes in 2018 and the same control procedure will take place again in 2019.

1st class buses ready for the Dana Cup 2019

Top rated buses with safety as the highest priority are ready to transport Dana Cup participants from their arrival points to the schools and around between the playing fields in the Northern part of Vendsyssel, where there will be played around 2.500 football games this July.

In 2017 the transport was less efficient, as several buses were detained by the traffic police. The Dana Cup tightened up the transport in 2018 and the tournament was held without any buses being detained. 

- Last year we decided to make a new partnership with Jørns Busrejser from Brønderslev and it has shown to be the perfect solution. Together with his carrier organization, Jørn Pedersen, along with other new implemetations ensured that all buses running the daily routes had an early morning brake test. There were also special requirements set in place for all of the other bus companies who supplied buses to Jørn Pedersen. This ensured a perfect transport solution during the week and our participants were very happy and once again in 2019 the quality of the transport will be just as high - says Director Jette Andersen from the Dana Cup Hjørring. 

Dana Cup has made a two year agreement with Jørns Busrejser to secure quality, confidence and safe bus transport for all of our participants and their families. 

- We had a fantastic experience at the Dana Cup in 2018 and we are looking forward to sending our buses back on the road to transport the Dana Cup participants. It will be just as good or even better than 2018 says Carrier, Jørn Pedersen.

- I have talked with my colleagues and there is a lot of interest to supply buses to the Dana Cup 2019 - so it will be fantastic!

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