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28. Mar 2019
Play it 28.03

We are going to #DanaCup2019


We are a very young football club that was formed in 2015. Our goal is to coach young football players individually with certified coaches.

In 2019 it will be the 18th time that I participate in the Dana Cup Hjørring and the 3rd time with Juniors. I participated for the very first time with FC Düren Niderau and in 1987 we held the winning trophy. Since that time, the Dana Cup Hjørring has been something very special for me. My goal in the final, is something I dream about the night before the opening ceremony.

The goal of the Dana Cup is insignificant, as I have experienced how hard it is to get a victory over 18 years. It is much more important to remember the experiences with friends, so many of our friendships today have a common history.

I participate in the Dana Cup Hjørring with my club, to show the players from Juniors how much you can achieve through football without always winning.

We support Global Goal 4 "Quality Education" - Read more about the Global Goals here

Website: Play-it Junior e.V. 

Facebook: @juniors2015

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