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04. Apr 2019
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We are going to #DanaCup2019


We are a team of Girls 14 born in 2005 from Malvik, just on the outskirts of Trondheim in the middle of Norway. Malvik IL Fotball is a sub-department of Malvik IL. There are many members playing football in Malvik IL Fotball from children under 7 years of age up to senior teams. Malvik IL just recently (in 2018) celebrated its 85th anniversary.

It is the first time we will participate in the Dana Cup Hjørring.

Our goasl and expectations participating in the Dana Cup are first of all to have a fun time together and to build the team spirit and companionship. On the sporting side, we are looking forward to some good games against exciting teams and hopefully from other countries and cultures than the teams we normally play against here at home. We normally play 9:9 football here at home, so we are little excited to see how it is to play 11:11 at the Dana Cup Hjørring.

We are really looking forward to the experience this summer, as Dana Cup has been a goal of ours for a while now.

Website: Malvik IL

Instagram: Malvik IL

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