Dana Cup to open on a new stadium

11. Apr 2019
nystadium 11.04.2019

Dana Cup to open on a new stadium

Dana Cup Hjørring 2019 is going to be a very special experience for the thousands of participants, along with our volunteers and supporters who are engaged in the tournament in July. 

Something very special will be seen at the opening of the Dana Cup Hjørring on Monday the 22nd of July. A brand new and modern stadium - Nord Energi Arena - will welcome the participants as they enter the field for the opening ceremony.

The grass is still as green as always but the surroundings are totally renewed.

There is now covered stands on three sides of the stadium. There has been a tremendous amount of work done during the winter and spring, so the Nord Energi Arena can be ready and welcoming when more than 20.000 young footballers unite in Hjørring in July. 

The official "Opening Ceremony" of the Dana Cup Hjørring 2019 is also being revised and renewed. The new arrangements are currently being set in place and updates will come soon. 

More than 20 million is being invested in the innovation of the Nord Energi Arena, which will raise the quality of Hjørring's sports facilities both in the Dana Cup week and the rest of the year when league matches are played at the stadium.

Here you can see the building in action from the Nord Energi Arena.

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