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16. May 2019
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We are going to #DanaCup2019


Our club Temp was founded in 1984 and is a little younger than the Dana Cup Hjørring. It was founded as a sports school called "Temp" and there were many different sports within the school; like gymnastics, boxing, field hockey and karate. But due to the various political and economic problems in our country, our sports schools started to close down. So since the autumn of 2018, we simply became the Temp Football Club. Our club plays in the Ukrainian U-19, U-17, and U-15 youth football championships.

We have been participating in the Dana Cup since 2014. During this time we have managed to expand the number of teams from Ukraine and in 2019, Ukraine will be represented by 15 teams from 8 different clubs:

1. CYSS Kalynivka 2008
2. DUSH Lokomotive Gayvoron 2008
3. CFC Bratslav Junior 2005
4. CFC Bratslav Junior 2007
5. CFC Bratslav Junior 2008
6. FC Balkany Hmelnik 2005
7. FC Kiev 2005
8. FC Kiev 2006
9. FC Kiev 2007
10. FC Kiev 2008
11. FC Temp Vinnytsia 2009
12. FC Temp Vinnytsia 2003
13. FC Temp Vinnytsia 2000
14. FC Blokhina and Belanova Vinnytsia 2007
15. RDUSH Rovesnik 2008

We want our teams to perform as well as possible in the tournament. Our children get a lot out of their trip to Denmark, playing games, developing and learning. The tournament is, for some of our players, a stepping stone to professional football, to the national team of Ukraine and the golden ball.

Unfortunately, Ukraine is a country in which hostilities take place. And our task is for more children to attend this football festival where more than 45 nations participate. Our players get the opportunity to understood that all people are the same, that sports are not political, that all disputes can be resolved by fair play on the football field and you remain as friends off the field. And to carry through this tournament, the understanding that the world is the main thing, that in every country there are children like themselves who strive to achieve things through hard work and respect for others. Thank you so much, Dana Cup, for giving this opportunity to our children.

We support Global Goal 16 "Peace, justice and strong institutions" - Read more about the Global Goals here

Facebook: @temp.vinnitsa

Bratslav Junior 2007 655x363


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