Power for your mobile…

25. Jun 2019

Power for your mobile…

Now you can secure power 24/7 on your mobile phone at the Dana Cup Hjørring from the 22nd to the 27th of July. Dana Cup Hjørring has united with Volt and New Balance to present this fantastic service and beautiful portable charger.

You can order your VOLT portable charger today. BOOK HERE and you can pick up your portable charger at the Dana Cup, near the Information Center.

When your VOLT portable charger runs out of battery, VOLT provides you with a swapping service so you can charge your phone on the go, without having to wait or stand in line. 

Over the last few years this service has been tested at some of the largest festivals in Denmark with huge success and now our Dana Cup participants can enjoy this fantastic service. 

Dana Cup has secured this service at an amazing price!

The portable charger is on loan, you leave a deposit of kr. 200 and then you pay just kr. 150 for the "swapping service". 

You will receive your full deposit return when you hand in your portable charger again, or you can choose to keep your VOLT portable charger to use everywhere in the future.

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