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13. Jun 2019
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We are going to #DanaCup2019


This is the very first time that a girls’ team from Heming IL in Oslo will participate at the Dana Cup Hjørring. We are 11 girls born in 2007 who are super excited and looking forward to playing and experiencing Hjørring. We were the lucky winners of the  New Balance and Torshov Sport Fotball  competition held in Norway late last year.

Heming Fotball is one of the largest amateur football clubs in Oslo, Norway with just under 1.200 active players. In 2016, Heming formed a partnership with one of the most successful clubs in Northern Europe, FC Copenhagen. The partnership includes, among other things, the option for our coaches to receive specific development training programs. In Heming, we have children and youth football, senior and veteran football for both sexes. Heming Fotball has a long historical background, going back to 1916 but at that time, they only had a football option for boys. The first girls’ team was established in 1985 and today football is the largest sport for girls in our club.

It is the first time our girls from Heming will participate in the Dana Cup Hjørring and we hope to participate many times in the years to come.

There are several Global Goals that are current goals for us but if we have to choose just one, than our girls choose the Global Goal 13 ”Climate Action”. Our girls are concerned with the environmental changes happening around the World. They hope the World will remain healthy and viable for themselves and future generations.  - Read more about the Global Goals here

Our final goal for the Dana Cup Hjørring is to fully enjoy the week with joy, happiness, unity and teamwork among the girls, no serious injuries and last but not least, to have a memorable experience with our team, the coaching staff and supporters.

Facebook: @HemingFotball

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