Dana Cup inaugurates the "new" stadium

15. Jul 2019
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Dana Cup inaugurates the "new" stadium

A brand new stadium is ready to welcome the thousands of young football players, their leaders, referees and all of Hjørring to the official opening of the Dana Cup Hjørring 2019 on Monday the 22nd of July. It is the first time the new and modernized Nord Energi Area will be used.

With a full capacity of 10.000 supporters and 3.100 seats, Nord Energi Arena is a fantastic little stadium for tournament matches throughout the year. And now at the Official Opening Ceremony of the Dana Cup Hjørring 2019, where the young players can also be packed onto the playing field, we might just see a new "Supporter Record" on Monday the 22nd of July.

Dana Cup has put together an action packed opening program for all participants but it is not just the young football players who will enjoy the evening. Following tradition, we can garantee that there will also be many local guests at the Nord Energi Arena to see the amazing new opening ceremony on the new stadium.

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