Talented Russian Players

24. Jul 2019

Talented Russian Players

The Russian team SShOR 11 Samara in G14 consists of a group of talented girls, who earlier today beat the Norwegian teams Løvenstad FK 17-0 and Etne IL 8-1. The players come from the region of Samara, which is situated about 1.000 km from the capital Moscow.

‘We are in the sports school, Olympic Reserved, number 11. Last year, our team was Russian champions in G15. However, we are here at Dana Cup with only 14-year-old girls but we still hope to win prices,’ coach Komarova Galina smiles.

‘It is still difficult in Russia for girls to play football because everything is for men. There are really no tournaments, only one or two small ones in the summer. Girls’ football is not very popular, but we want to make it popular. We use every opportunity in public, in magazines and online media to talk about us. We hope that now the time has come for things to change, especially, after the Women’s World Cup,’ Komarova Galina stresses.

The girls play the English club Richmond Park FC in the ¼ final on Thursday 25th at 12.10 on field 5. As a matter of fact, one will be able to watch livestreaming of the game.

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