B16 Finals 2019

26. Jul 2019

Sverresborg FB (NOR) – Vik IL (NOR) 1-2 after extra time (1-1)

When Vik IL made it 0-1 after just two minutes of play, most people thought that the players in white jerseys would easily win the first final at this year’s Dana Cup, but the goal scored by Sverresborg after 11 minutes was actually quite symptomatic of the game. Vik IL had most ball possession but Sverresborg, on the other hand, came closest to scoring most of the time.

Since none of the teams managed to score again in ordinary time, the two teams had to play 10 minutes of extra time. Here Vik IL quickly scored again and, even though, Sverresborg FB kept trying, Vik IL won.
It was an entertaining and well-played match and a fine start to the finals in Nord Energi Arena.

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