G19 Finals 2019

26. Jul 2019

Ottestad IL (NOR) – Gimletroll IK (NOR) 0-1 (0-0)

Football is a cynical game. Those who score the most goals win. Here justice does not count. Perhaps the people from Fron might say that Heming IL’s victory in G12 was not fair because the girls in purple had most ball possession. On the other hand, they could not score any goals.

Consequently, the team from Heming deservedly won.
After just 24 seconds of play, Heming’s dangerous striker had scored. Fron tried hard to equalise but, after a couple of minutes of the second half, Heming settled the game scoring another two goals – again the dangerous striker scored.

Thus, both teams played an entertaining game with lots of duels and nice football.

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