Dana Cup 2019 was a fantastic year

29. Jul 2019

Dana Cup 2019 was a fantastic year

20.000 players, leaders and officials provided entertaining and festive football. On all the playing fields and the accommodations, life was lived to the fullest. 

2.532 games were played with 11.595 goals scored.

We have had an amazing week and we feel that everyone who has spent the week in Hjørring has thoroughly enjoyed it. You are all taking some amazing memories home with you, to 45 nations. 

You have contributed to one huge party in Hjørring! 

With the best possible weather, the Dana Cup week became the week of the year. 

Thanks for visiting us and thanks for participatin in the Dana Cup Hjørring 2019!

We are already looking forward to next years tournament.

You are all more than welcome to return and we are also ready to welcome even more teams.

Welcome to the Dana Cup Hjørring 20th to the 25th of July 2020!

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