Welcome to the Dana Cup

08. Oct 2019

Welcome to the Dana Cup Hjørring 20-25 July 2020

We would like to officially invite you and your club to one week of fantastic youth football in Hjørring #Denmark.

Take a flight over one of Northern Europe's most amazing football arena's at the Dana Cup Hjørring in Denmark. Each summer more than 1.000 teams make their travels to Northern Denmark to participate in a mind blowing youth football event. #DanaCup uniting the youth of the world to experience their passion for football, respect, unity, equality, friendships and much more.

* Join 1.000 teams from 45 nations
* For an amazing youth football experience
* Youth development 
* Building team spirit individually & united as a team
* All games on the most amazing green grass fields 
* Denmark's largest sporting event
* The World's third largest youth soccer tournament
* 20,000 participants playing in international groups
* Kilometers of beautiful sandy beaches close by
* A fantastic organization with top class personal customer service
* Memories for the rest of your life

You can find more information and our age classes for 2020 in our brochure and remember that all classes play a full tournament schedule with us - first rounds, second rounds and finals with results!

To receive our tournament prices, just e-mail us at soccer@danacup.dk

Join us & the Dana Cup Family 20-25 July 2020 - Register today!

We look forward to welcoming you here in Denmark in 2020.

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Dana Cup Hjørring ranked as one of the World's top International Youth Soccer Tournaments can also offer much more than just football for youth teams. Your team, coaches, leaders, parents and supporters can also enjoy the popular holiday destination of North Jutland.

For inspiration  

Check our hotel and upgrade options here

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