Viasat ready for Dana Cup

15. Jul 2013

Viasat are ready for the Dana Cup


Dana Cup's media partner are on the sidelines and at times behind the scenes when the Dana Cup takes place. The TV company MTG who are standing behind Viasat will send amoung other things, the G14 and B19 finals from the Dana Cup direct on TV3 SPORT 1 and Viaplay on the 27th of July between 1.00 pm and 4.00 pm.

Over the last four years since Viasat made a co-operation with the Dana Cup, they have invited one of the winning teams to MTG's international soccer tournament - MTG United for Peace Cup. This year it will be Dana Cup's best danish G14 girl's team that will go to Stockholm in the middle of October to competet against 14 other nations. 

After the Dana Cup is over they will also show a documentary from the tournament and life around the tournament. There will be sent a one hour program on TV3 SPORT 1 in August.

See more about Viasat's om program from the Dana Cup HERE.

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