Al-Ghad Al-Afdal - B14, B18-19 - Lebanon

08. Jan 2020
AFA 1 08.01

Al-Ghad Al-Afdal - B14, B18-19 - Lebanon


We are AFA FOOTBALL ACADEMY from Lebanon “West Beqaa” located in Al Qaraoun.It´s been 5 years since our academy started in 2015. We teach the small children the basics of football and help the talented kids to show their talents.

It is not our first time at the Dana Cup Hjørring. We participated for our first time in the Dana Cup last summer in 2019. We have a lot of great memories, but our best memory was when we first arrived and saw the Dana Cup area. We stayed in the cabins and played on beautiful grass fields with many teams from different countries.

Our goals and expectations for Dana Cup 2020 are first of all to have fun, play well and make good results to reach the finals.

We will play for Global Goal 1 “No Poverty” and Global Goal 2 “Zero Hunger”.

Read more about Global Goals here

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