Halifax Dunbrack Soccer Club - B15 - Canada

22. Jan 2020
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Halifax Dunbrack Soccer Club - B15 - Canada


Halifax Dunbrack Soccer Club (HDSC) was formed in 1993 as an amalgamation of the Rockingham Raiders and Clayton Park Youth Soccer Associations. The Club is comprised of youth and senior players, and dedicated volunteers who promote and support participation in and development of mini, youth and senior soccer.

Our club supports close to 1500 members who reside in one of the highest growth areas in Halifax Regional Municipality, and is one of the most ethnically diverse communities in the province. Halifax Dunbrack Soccer Club is proud to have that diversity reflected among their members.

The principal objective of the Club is to ensure the opportunity for all players to participate in organized, high quality programs of team play and skill development, at levels appropriate for each individual based on ability and commitment.

The AAA U15 team is a new team consisting of players that have been called up from the AA team the previous year.

This is the first time Dunbrack as a club will be at the Dana Cup and the first time the AAA U15 boys will travel abroad to participate in a tournament.

Our main goal for the Dunbrack AAA U15 boys team is to gain experience, be presented an opportunity to compete at an advanced international level, to learn from other teams and coaches, and most importantly have fun.

Good health and well-being is a one of the Global goals our team and the Dunbrack Soccer club strive for in 2020.

Read more about Global Goals here

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