FC Start Minsk - G12 - Belarus

06. Feb 2020
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FC Start Minsk - G12 - Belarus


The history of our girl´s team born 2008/2009 goes back to September 2017. Exactly at that time, head coach - Andrei Makhnach started to gather girls who love football from different parts of the city of Minsk. During the two and a half year history of this team, they have become Belarussian National Champions twice and have won some trophies while competing abroad. The girls do not have strong enough opponents in their surrounding area, so they usually play against boys with one-year age difference, which forced us to play with maximum speed and full dedication.

The first generation of Belarusian girls, participated at the Dana Cup in 2017 and 2018. Pupils of the same coach but with another club named FC Minsk became Dana Cup champions twice - once in the G12 class and one-time finalist in the G13 class. We have the best memories from visiting Hjørring but not only because of the football tournament itself. The atmosphere of kindness and joy everywhere in this summer days is the main point that we want to register. Dana Cup is the place where you want to return over and over again.

Of course, after a one year break in 2020, we want to make triple gold in the G12 class and we will try to prepare in the best way possible.

In regards to the Global Goals we really appreciate and respect all 17 goals but the closest one exactly for us is Global Goal 3 - Good Health and Well-Being. No matter if we became strongest or not, not matter if any of our girls became football professionals or not we have to care about their health. No illnesses, mind discomfort and injuries. We have to do our best to protect our children from all of that.

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