Dana Cup Program 2013

18. Jul 2013

Dana Cup Program 2013


The print version of the Dana Cup program 2013 is ready to see on the internet. Following tradition, these printed and electronic pages cover all types of information about the Dana Cup. Everything from the dining hall guide to information about your accommodation.   

You will find easy to use maps, instructions on how to find the bus terminal and where the buses drive to. 

You will also find information about lots of different activities happening throughout the Dana Cup week in and round the Dana Cup area. The tournament rules and program for the finals are of course included but there is much more and you can see it here on our website here.

The program for the opening rounds can easily be found on the Dana Cup website

In the Dana Cup center area, on the schools where the teams are accommodated and many other places you will find wireless internet which can be used free of charge so you can easily get online!

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