Spar Nord Fund

01. Nov 2021
Spar Nord Fonden

The Spar Nord Fund gives optimism to the Dana Cup

The Dana Cup 2022 has kicked off and the Spar Nord Fund have jumped in. They have donated DKK 150.000 to motivate our volunteers who are in the front line ensuring our participants an amazing experience. 

After two years of cancellations due to COVID-19, it is very important to motivate our volunteers to return again.

Spar Nord Director, Ole Peter Christensen presented the donation to Dana Cup Director, Jette Andersen.

- The Dana Cup and partner clubs, have been economically affected but things are returning to normal - says Director Ole Peter Christensen.

- The Dana Cup is highly dependent on its volunteers, as they deliver an amazing job during the tournament.

- It is extremely important to activate volunteers once again and that is what the donation will be used for. 

- Spar Nord and their fund are aware of the importance volunteers have within clubs in Denmark.

Director Jette Andersen said thank you for the present.

- This cash support means a lot to us after two depressing years with cancellations - says Jette Andersen.

- The biggest task ahead of us is to activate our volunteers, so this comes at a very good time.

- We have started working on a plan to use the donation and we will also be involving our 40 partner clubs in the project.

- We will have an idea book ready by early spring, which will include a huge party for our volunteers at the Dana Cup.

Together we will rise again and enjoy an amazing Dana Cup week with positive experiences! 


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