Casas da Noruega - Brazil

17. Jan 2022

Casas da Noruega - Brazil

Participation in the Dana Cup - the ultimate motivation for school work.

Casas da Noruega have held their first training in the aim to selecting the final squad that will participate in the Dana Cup this summer. 36 girls participated in this training. Of the total approx. 50 girls aged 16 -18 (the total training group), there are 18 girls who will get the opportunity to travel to Denmark and participate in the Dana Cup.

For us at Casas da Noruega, effort and quality on the football field is not the most important criterion for the selection. What we emphasize most is the effort at school based on the individual's prerequisites. We at Casas da Noruega are convinced that the path to a dignified life is through education. For us, therefore football (and other activities) is only a means of increasing the motivation for school work. With increased education, you also increase the opportunities for a dignified life in the future.

That said, we are in the fortunate situation that many of the girls who are eager at school are also good football players. This means that we hope we can show ourselves from a good side when it comes to sports when the Dana Cup kicks off in July this year. All the 50 girls have been highly motivated for school work after we opened after the pandemia, as a trip to Denmark has been the main motivation factor for intense school work.

Of course it is sad to have to inform more than 30 of these girls that there will be no Denmark trip this time. The moment you are told that you are not among the girls who get their dream come true, it does not help to say that you have, after all, made a great effort at school, and thus laid a good foundation for a dignified life in the future. We hope that when the girls get the selection a little at a distance, they will probably appreciate that they themselves have made a solid effort at school, and that this will benefit them in the future.

We expect that the selection of the final group will take place gradually in the future, so that the 18 girls who have the opportunity to travel to Denmark next summer are done by the end of February.

"Passion as motivation for education"

Casas da Noruega works on the basis of a model that means that we seek to find the individual's passion, put this into a system and offer participation in activities aimed at this passion - if you make a good effort at school. It can be courses in jewelry design, participation in our sewing lessons, learning simple hairdressing / hair care, cooking, atletics or football as in this case.

We support Global Goal 4 "Quality Education". 

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