Security is High-Quality

22. Jul 2013
Beredskab ny
Responsible Dennis Ottosen (right) and Jan Mørch visit Muldbjergskolen, where security is high quality.

Security is High-Quality

When football players and coaches go to bed each night, they may sleep peacefully. Security at Dana Cup is high quality. Every 20th minute the guards at the schools must make sure that security guidelines are followed and five times a day they must send a report to the local authorities.

'The rules are actually fairly simple. As a rule classrooms in a school may not be used as a sleeping place – at least not for several days in a row. However, the local authorities, Beredskabscenter Hjørring, can grant an exemption, which can last for a maximum of five days. As a consequence, the Danish state has to grant an additional exemption and we start sending those applications in September,' explains responsible Dennis Ottesen, who together with his colleges visit each and every school and sleeping place in order to make sure that everything is ok. For instance, there must be a smoke detector in every single room and there has to be one window pr. 10 persons.

'Moreover, we demand that the guards check the rooms every 20th minute. Subsequently, they have to send us a report five times a day, and we can clearly see that the schools take security very seriously,' Dennis Ottosen emphasizes.

Every night an employee of Beredskabscenter Hjørring visits the schools, and as a result all the schools will be visited during the week.

'At beredskabscentret we want to be an active and constructive partner of Dana Cup. We are not a local authority that wants to obstruct the tournament. Our primary goal is to make sure that nobody is hurt when they stay overnight in the schools. Hereby, we ensure that the parents feel safe sending their children to Dana Cup in Hjørring: as security is high quality here,' Dennis Ottosen underlines.

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