Henrik Jensen a Guest Coach for Dallas Texans

23. Jul 2013
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Henrik Jensen a Guest Coach for Dallas Texans

Henrik Jensen, who normally coaches Jammerbugt FC and Vendsyssel FF, was this morning a guest coach for Dallas Texans, who had borrowed an artificial turf football field.

'We would like to try a guest coach, so the team can hear another voice and experience how one coaches in Europe. The players are a little bit tired, therefore it is good for them to try something new and move about,' Dallas Texans U18-coach Clint Craft explains.

'The players are very motivated: something which is very typical of American teams, ' adds Henrik Jensen, who has an UEFA A-licence.

The team is in group B19, but it consists of a number of younger players. However, this does not prevent Clint Craft from having great expectations.

'We have a couple of B15 and B16 players on the team and, actually, only five B19 players. Nevertheless, we hope to win Dana Cup, but we know that the competition is tough. Yet, we will do our best.'

Albeit Dallas Texans has come to Dana Cup for the first time, the tournament has already made the acquaintance with a satellite team from Ghana.

'Our manager, Hassan Nazari, handles many of our satellite teams – not only the team from Ghana, but also teams from Canada and all over the USA. The problem with soccer in the USA is that it is mostly found in big cities, but things are improving. Among other things, we try to improve the club by hiring highly qualified youth coaches like Neil Thornber, who used to coach at Manchester United.'

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