Entertaining Football with Challenges

23. Jul 2013
sjovfodboldThe inflatable football fields had scarcely been put in place before the first boys started playing.

Entertaining Football with Challenges

Football Tivoli is a completely new activity at Dana Cup. Football Tivoli is situated behind Vendia Hallen, and it is free.

The person behind Football Tivoli is Jan Hansen, who in 1990 invented the concept of football schools in Denmark. After the first year with 1.100 participants, the football school became such a huge success that he sold the concept to the Danish Football Association.

'I needed a strong partner to develop the concept. At that time, 5.000 boys and girls had already signed up for the football school but after the first year, running the schools in cooperation with the Danish Football Association, 15.000 players took part, so we became almost too successful,' smiles Jan Hansen, who has subsequently spread the concept to 21 countries in the world.

'Everybody is welcome to play on my inflatable football fields or play football tennis,' says Jan Hansen, who is no longer attached to the Danish Football Association.

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