The Jockey’s Boys Ready to Conquer Dana Cup

23. Jul 2013
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The Jockey's Boys Ready to Conquer Dana Cup

In keeping with tradition the club 'Pequeninos do Jockey' participates in B14 and B16.

The club, which is known for its offensive style and massive work with rather poor children from the home country Brazil, is as anticipated among the favourites in both groups.

Pequeninos has won Dana Cup 8 times in B14 and 5 times in B16, and the expectations to this year's tournament are thus very high:

'I hope we win! We are certainly good enough, ' says Gima Jose Guimares – also known as 'the Jockey' due to his past as a professional and highly respected jockey. After falling off his horse and, therewith, breaking his hip, he had to stop his career and decided to use his good reputation to start a football club.

'Actually, the club was founded in 1970 as a club for adults, but later it turned into a boys' club. Moreover, we were invited to Dana Cup in 1986, and we have taken part ever since,' the Jockey explains.

Pequeninos Do Jockey won its first match 7-2 in B16 convincingly.

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