Football without Politics and Religion

23. Jul 2013
Libanon ny
Al-Shabab won the national championship for U15 in Lebanon and they play entertaining and dynamic football.

Football without Politics and Religion


Muslims play alongside Christians. Rich pass the ball to poor. Al-Shabab, which means 'Young Boys' in Arabic, is a club, in which the boys play football regardless of religion, politics or money. Al-Shabab from Beirut in Lebanon is at Dana Cup for the first time, but if chairman Nasser Bahkti and his Danish contact Hassan were to decide, it is not the last time they participate.

'We really like Denmark and Dana Cup,' stresses Nasser Bahkti, who is chairman of a club with 300 players. The best grown-up players play in the third best Lebanese league. Nevertheless, Al-Shabab can bring together six internationals aged 15. Surprisingly, the team won the national championship in Lebanon.

'We have decided that we do not want any sponsors, because they would be able to influence the choice of players. We want to decide that ourselves. In consequence, the players' parents have paid money into a fond that has financed the trip to Dana Cup. Those, who could easily pay extra, have done so. And those, who were unable to pay as much, have paid the least,' explains Nasser Bahkti, who has brought along 16 players and 6 coaches.

Al-Shabab's participation in Dana Cup 2013 might be the beginning of more teams from Lebanon taking part in the tournament.

'I have agreed with Alison Forman from Dana Cup that I will try to get more teams to come already next year,' clarifies Hassan, who is married to a Dane and has lived in Denmark for 27 years. For 20 years he has coached, and he still has many good contacts in Lebanon.

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